High quality European Booth/Ovens were introduced into Australia by Masterbooth’s parent company, Masterbench Pty Ltd, in the form of the world famous Blowtherm Booths of Padova, Italy. Although now, 25-30 years old, most of those early Blowtherm Booths are running as sweetly and reliably as the days there were installed.


Much was learned and adapted to Australian Conditions from those early Italian Booths and that information gradually evolved into Australian Made equipment, manufactured to satisfy the demands and at times, neglect, which the equipment was subjected to. All adaptations and modifications resulted in a uniquely Australian made product of much higher strength, durability and reliability than any other booth on the market and when combined with the legendary Masterbooth service, it becomes the logical choice of any serious Body Repair Facility.

Today, Masterbooth products are fully Australian Made, in arguably, the best manufacturing facility of it’s type, equipped with the finest Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) automated machinery. Our manufacturing techniques, combining automation, efficiency, clever packaging and reliable logistics result in superior products, supplied and installed quicker and substantially more economically than our competitors.

The Masterbooth modular system allows any length and height booth to be manufactured and different widths are also possible economically, using in-house design and assimilation facilities.

Our head office and manufacturing facility in Melbourne