The #1 choice for all your spray booth filter needs.

Inlet Diffusion Filters:

Our range of diffusion filters are designed to provide superior diffusion intake air filtration in paint spray booths used by the automotive refinishing and industrial finishing markets. It is a synthetic non-woven diffusion media, progressively structured using an optimal amount of very dense fibres, which are thermally bonded, with 100% tackification for maximum protection. The dense fibre structure provides more surface area for improved efficiency and prolonged service life. A supporting down steam polyester scrim increases stability and reduces particle migratation.

Features and Benefits

· Greater than 99% filtration efficiency
· Approved for use in major automotive manufacturing facilities worldwide. So it can be used with complete confidence.
· Full Penetration of Special Adhesive prevents any release of fibre and migration of particles largers than 5 microns.
· Gradient density structure ensures a uniform air distribution and airflow through the spray booth.

Cardboard Exhaust Filters:

We offers a range of overspray collection filters that will provide cost effective protection for your operation.

Benefits include.

· Space saving accordion filter pack
· Easy to handle, sturdy, self-supporting design
· Cardboard construction is environmentally friendly

Fibreglass Exhaust Filters:

We also offer Fibreglass Filter media and have a large range of different sizes available is bulk rolls.