The Masterbooth Semi Down Draft is an excellent entry level spray booth. It has a superior design and features that all come standard. The direct fired roof mounted heating system is not only efficient but a space saver too. All these features plus much more makes Masterbooth the only choice for a Semi Down Draft Spray Booth.

Standard Booth Includes:

· All in One Spray Booth and Baking Oven
· Std Size 7.2M Length x 4.2M Width x 2.7M Internal Height
· Std Door Size 3M wide x 2.7 M Tall
· Installed directly onto a concrete floor
· Partial Ceiling Filtration System
· Rear Wall Exhaust
· 40 Day Light Tubes Standard
· Stainless Steel Direct Fired Heating System
· Space saving ceiling mounted machinery Standard
· Unique Design allowing easy Servicing
· Versatility of no weight restrictions within the booth


· Extended Model Available 8.62M Long
· Direct fired Heating system with modulating Flame ensures more accurate temperatures
· 60 T5 Day Light tubes in a standard booth produces 2,000 lux
· Fully Automated Touch Screen
· Waterborne Curing system
· Customised sizes available