Similar in characteristics to our full down draft except that the turbo draft has twin 4800mm exhausts (one on either side), allowing it sit direct on the concrete floor.

Standard Booth Includes:

· All in One Spray Booth and Baking Oven
· Std Size 7.2M Length x 4.2M Width x 2.7M Internal Height
· Std Door Size 3M wide x 2.7 M Tall
· Installed directly onto a concrete floor
· Fully Filtered Ceiling (Minimise Turbulence)
· Exhaust Filtration on both side walls.
· 40 Day Light Tubes Standard
· Stainless Steel Direct Fired Heating System
· Space saving ceiling mounted machinery Standard
· Unique Design allowing easy Servicing
· Versatility of no weight restrictions within the booth.


· Extended Model Available 8.62M Long
· Drive Thru
· Direct fired Heating system with modulating Flame insures more accurate temperatures
· 60 T5 Day Light tubes in a standard booth produces 2,000 lux
· Fully Automated Touch Screen
· Waterborne Curing system
· Customised sizes available